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Buying a Spare Parts From a car salvage Yard

Buying spare parts from a salvage yard is a great way to save money. Salvage yard owners are usually very careful about their goods and they usually have nearly everything you might need. The only problem that arises is finding the right spare part in the huge inventory that most salvage yards have on their premises. As a result, finding the right part may be a little difficult. Nonetheless, we've created a short guide that will prove helpful.

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Start by looking around local salvage yards 

All salvage yards are usually located on the outskirts of the city. The yards are big and there might be several hundred cars just dumped around waiting to be worked on and finding the right part is a little difficult. We recommend you start by calling around to find a dealer or a yard owner that is located close to your home. You can use Google or the local Yellow Pages to find the names and addresses of yards. Most yard owners also know each other quite well and if you require a particular part, they will happily recommend a person to you.

Finding a part

Very few car salvage yards are pull-your-part yards where you have to find your own part, dismantle it and then take it to the owner for purchase. There is also no need to wander about a salvage yard for this reason. All owners usually have a team that will assess the cars the purchase and they will then remove and inventory parts as they are located. If you want a particular part, they will check with inventory and then sell you the parts just as you would at a realtime store. Apart from direct sales, yards also work on a bull wire or a conference call system. If you request a part and the yard does not have it, the owner will call around till they find a part to suit your requirements. The requirement is noted by all yards and as soon as the part is available it is sold to you with a percentage for both people who located the part. Now the same process is completed through internet forums between yards.

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Quality and price

Thankfully, most yards pride themselves on their quality and pricing system. That means that you will easily find heritage parts like unique car seats, car wheels and spare parts at the yard and these parts will be priced very economically. Buying parts from a salvage yard is much less expensive than buying the parts from OEM dealer or even for a specialty car shop in which the owner has rebuilt the spare part himself .

Now that you know how to get spare parts from a local salvage yard, we recommend you get started right away. You might not get your part immediately but if you put in a request, the yards will start searching for your parts and they will keep you informed about anything they find.